The Siren Cyber Guarantee

The Siren Cyber Guarantee

What is the Siren Cyber Guarantee?

It’s our way of extending added peace of mind and financial protection from the negative effects of a successful phishing scam or identity theft. For instance, someone successfully spoofed or cloned your sibling’s phone number to call you , pretending there was an emergency and they needed money transferred over ASAP.  Of course you did, it’s your sibling!  Only, it turns out, it wasn’t. That’s where the Siren Cyber Guarantee kicks in.

Any Siren user with an active Siren Guarantee subscription is entitled to financial compensation up to the limits defined in their personal plan. E.g. a monthly subscription of USD2, entitles you to claim up to USD500 in losses.  For personalised rates and limits, choose to purchase the Siren Cyber Guarantee via the app. Take the short ‘getting to know you’ questionnaire to enjoy the best rates.

What does it cover?

Financial Losses including losses due to an unauthorised Account Takeover (ATO) resulting from a phishing scam. Which could have happened because:

  • Siren failed to block or flag an incoming call, message or email as dangerous / containing dangerous content causing user to engage
  • Theft of personal data from downloaded malware or applications via SMS or email links that Siren did not flag as dangerous 
  • A number or email address from a safe contact was cloned and misused to deceive a Siren user.

How Do I Make a Claim?

It’s really easy! All you need to do is hit the “Make a Claim” icon on the bottom of your Siren app. It’s a simple questionnaire, that won’t take more than 5 minutes to complete. Let us know where the scam call, message or SMS originated from, by indicating the phone number or email address in question, and describe in as much detail as you can how it happened. Our team will review the report, if all goes well , the money will be credited back to your account in 7 working days.  That’s lightspeed time compared to insurers or banks , who could take up to 45 days.  

For more information, refer to the Terms & Conditions of the Siren Guarantee.