How Siren Protects You from Identity Theft

How Siren Protects You from Identity Theft

Siren blocks and alerts you to potential social engineering scams that target you via phishing calls, messages, emails and apps, with the added protection of the Siren Guarantee in case you do fall victim.  We will constantly monitor incoming communications and block any suspicious activity on your personal device that could result in Identity Theft.  These include:

  1. Suspicious Calls 

Telemarketers, annoying scam callers, or any numbers you don’t recognise - it’s safer to ignore them all. Fraudsters and scammers will try to get you on the line and either scare or threaten you into sharing personal information.

  1. Suspicious SMSes

Received a message requesting for a password reset from your bank or payments provider? Don’t click on any links requesting a reset! Make sure you check the sender’s details, and if you are in doubt , visit the genuine bank website directly through your browser or app and contact your bank yourself to verify.

  1. Suspicious Emails

Got an email that sounds too good to be true? It probably is. Check if the sender's domain looks suspicious or weird in any way, e.g. too many letters or numbers or ending in odd suffixes like ‘aggg” “1234’ etc.  Interacting with these emails may trigger a download of malicious software that mines your data or breaks into your accounts.

What if Siren blocks a legitimate phone call / SMS / Email?

Siren is trained to recognise what could be dangerous and what is safe based on data from past scams, user reported frauds and is constantly updated with newer data sources so we get better at recognising safe and unsafe communications. 

If you receive a call, message or email that Siren has labelled as unsafe or a scam but you think otherwise, can be tagged as ‘safe’ . All you need to do is review the Siren activity list for the day, select the number or email address that you want to unblock and mark it as ‘safe’. We will then update our information across the entire Siren database.